Using Visio, Corel Paint Shop Pro, WELS, and other software, we create, at no cost or obligation, scale drawings and photo mockups of proposed solutions. Send us a floor plan that includes the room or rooms in which you would like to include wall-mounted computer arms or a command center console and we will take it from there. If you have some rough sketches on the back of an envelope or paper napkin, snap photos of them and send them along.

All we need to know is a simple description of what you are trying to do – install a wall mounted monitor and keyboard for a patient room? – build a control room console or command center for four attendants, each with 6 monitors plus another 12 large flat panels on the wall beyond –  and you have some columns in the middle of the room?? Just e-mail me whatever plans or sketches you have, super detailed or super rough – either way is fine.

For wall-mounted items in hospital patient rooms, you can send a photo of each of the four walls in a patient room, and we can “Photoshop” devices onto walls in various locations, with patient satisfaction being the prime consideration. Of course, nurse convenience, safety, infection control, and the all-important line-of-sight with the patient are mandatory criteria.

Here is a nurses’ station that needed to add another monitor/keyboard/mouse but they were out of space. With our “doctored” photo showing a “to-scale” Ergotron wall-mounted station, the clinical director was able to make a quick decision regarding a solution to the problem.

During a walk-through of a hosital under construction, it was difficult to visualize wall-mounted devices in the patient rooms. I erased one of the attendees from a photo and inserted, to scale, an Ergotron wall-mounted computer station.

A hospital wanted to know what type of mount might fit in one of their cubby holes. It was easy to paste into their photo a variety of options.


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