320 Pre-Owned Ergotron Medical Grade Laptop Carts for Hospital Use - SV41-4001

These carts, in excellent condition, are one generation away from current Ergotron Model SV41-6300 and are identical in appearance. Minor differences do not relate to durability or basic functions.

As part of a recent deployment for a hospital group, we took out of service an entire fleet of laptop carts only because laptops were being replaced with large “all-in-one” computer/monitors.

We are a large dealer for Ergotron and have our own installation/maintenance crew. We know how to inspect these carts and are doing so at this time. Before shipment all carts will be cleaned. We have more than 320 carts and will not ship carts that are in less than excellent condition. We will consider offering installation and warranty services at additional cost. We can also handle shipping at an additional cost.

Price is based on quantity and is negotiable.

We own all products listed and will consider offers for all or part. We plan to complete the sale by March, 2018.

For detailed information, call or e-mail Ron Page
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Environmental Friendly WOW Solution

  • 360 available
  • We test, adjust, and clean
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Guaranteed to meet expectations
  • Page Concepts Delivers and maintains for 12 months at no additional charge
  • Allow us to provide a complimentary unit for evaluation
  • Using high-quality pre-owned products is environmentally responsible
  • Using high-quality pre-owned products is economical
  • Using high-quality pre-owned products demonstrates your fiscal and environmental responsibility to donors, employees, and the community


ppt environmental friendly wow solution


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