hospital emr cart hinged dual mount

Doctors at a large eye clinic wanted to use two computer monitors with a keyboard while conducting exams and procedures. At no charge, we provided both a wall-mounted articulating arm option and a mobile option for their evaluation. Because the doctors approach the patient from both sides of the exam chair, they chose the mobile solution.

Page Concepts, Inc. provided an Ergotron SV41-6300 cart equipped with a heavy-duty lift and hinged dual mount. The cart adjusts up and down easily for use sitting or standing by people of all heights.
With the hinged monitors feature, the doctor can pivot each monitor individually to a position suitable for viewing by both the doctor and the patient.

A medical grade power strip and long coiled cords are among the accessories needed for this application. Page Concepts, Inc. sold, received, assembled, delivered, and integrated these carts. We know how to fit thin-clients and other devices into the storage bay and properly manage the cables, using appropriate pathways and slack for the carts’ adjustment features. Also, we understand the importance of a clean appearance.

Power for the carts is routed through UPS devices mounted to the wall by Page Concepts.



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