Nurses charting with WOW’s in a 24/7 environment need on-board power. Old, heavy, Liquid Acid batteries have been largely replaced with lighter Ion batteries, but carts still must be parked for hours to recharge.

A recent innovation is “hot-swap”. Small, removable, batteries are mounted to the cart and can be swapped out in a matter of seconds, like swapping batteries on a power drill or lawn accessory. With the Anton Bauer system, an interface device provides continuous power to the cart for up to two minutes. Your computer never shuts down.

The “hot-swap” system is lighter in weight. Nurses experience less fatigue and easier navigation.

Charging stations are placed in convenient locations on all floors of the hospital. Color coded lights in each charging bay indicate battery status, with green meaning “fully charged” and ready to use.

Installing Anton Bauer Hot-Swap on Existing Carts

An Anton Bauer system can be retrofitted to any cart. Standard mounting brackets exist for the most popular medical EMR carts and Page Concepts, Inc. can fabricate brackets for others.

Configuring a Hot-Swap System

Page Concepts, Inc. has considerable experience designing, selling, installing and maintaining Ergotron carts equipped with Anton Bauer power. Several components are necessary and the way they are installed will vary depending on your needs. Our pre-sale advice is done without cost or obligation and can save your IT staff many hours as well as assure a successful installation of your WOW’s.

Should you choose to purchase your Ergotron, GCX, and Anton Bauer cart systems from Page Concepts, Inc., you will find our prices for the products and installation to be competitive.

(The carts shown in the photos are using Samsung 24” Zero Clients. WiFi and other components are housed in the bays beneath the worksurfaces.)

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