Our two niches at Page Concepts, Inc., IT-related tech furniture for hospitals, and control room consoles, are not areas you want to self-install and neither should you entrust the installation to those unfamiliar with the applications and products. Not only do we have years of experience, but we understand “the big picture” – we know what executives and outside inspectors are looking for – we know there are big dollars involved in employee safety, patient satisfaction, and employee morale, - and we know the feeling of pride we get every time we complete a project, on time, that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

We are best known in Oklahoma and Texas, but we install what we sell nationwide, and, for Ergotron and Winsted products, we would be happy to install for you regardless of whether we were your product supplier. We have traveled to California, Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, West Virginia, Kentucky, Nebraska, Arkansas, West Virginia, Maryland, and Mexico City. 

As of early fall, 2019, we have installed articulating EMR computer arms in over 3,000 patient rooms, 700 powered hospital EMR carts, thousands of other articulating arms, non-powered carts, and sit/stand workstations. We have designed, sold, and installed dozens of control room configurations from single person workstations with a half-dozen monitors to 54 workstation with 3 monitors each plus video walls.

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