• Adjustable Monitor Arms are Key

  • Chief Monitor Mounts On Winsted Console in Pipeline Control

  • Drilling Control Console and Geo Steering - Winsted Sight-Line

  • Ergotron 45-270-026 at Integris Medical Center, Norman

  • Electric Height Adjustable Workstation with 7 Monitors On Board

  • Under Construction - Two 7-Monitor Workstations Before Cable Management and Installation of Front and Back Doors Under Worksurfaces

  • OPS Center

  • Sit and Stand Combination

  • Operations Center

  • Surveillance Command Center – TriCorps Surveillance

  • Incident Command Center

Command Centers

The Highlight of Corporate Tours. Command center consoles for security, power plants, process control, pipeline control, oilfield drilling observation, and other applications where an array of monitors needs to be viewed 24/7, must meet tough requirements for ergonomics, durability, and functionality...continues

Free Layout & Design

Contact us for free layout and design as well as free prototypes of custom-built accessories designed to your specific needs when deploying IT for retail POS, patient room computing, shop-floor computing, media storage, rackmount cabinetry, and command center rooms.

Recent Work

EDP Contour Security Console Photo
EDP Contour Security Console

Laptop-Desktop Configuration Room Photo
Laptop-Desktop Configuration Room

Winsted Sight-Line Photo
Winsted Sight-Line

MediaMount Fluid in Patient Room Photo
MediaMount Fluid in Patient Room

Winsted Bank Security Command Center Photo
Winsted Bank Security Command Center

Winsted Sight-Line Console At Tulsa Water Treatment Plant Photo
Winsted Sight-Line Console At Tulsa Water Treatment Plant

Ergotron Cart SV42-3212 Installation Photo
Ergotron Cart SV42-3212 Installation

Custom Built Small Server Cabinet Photo
Custom Built Small Server Cabinet

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Dallas Orthopedics

When Tracy Jackson, Executive Administrator and Bethany Jackson of SMA Tandem researched the marketplace...continues

Mercy Health Centers

As with most hospitals, Mercy uses Ergotron products extensively. Here is a typical patient room at Mercy’s Signal Ridge...continues

International Paper

Not all process control rooms are in a pristine environment. Consoles must be strong, durable, and ergonomically correct...continues

Oil and Gas

Mexico City - Saul Carranza, IMP, on left and Ron Page, Page Concepts, Inc. on right. Geophysical tape storage project....continues

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