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EDP England Media Storage Solutions

EDP England Media Storage Solutions

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IndianClinic18 175ergotronLogo180Ergotron is the leading manufacturer of patient room computing furniture solutions, including both wall-mounted articulating monitor arms, articulating keyboard arms, CPU holders, COW’s and WOW’s (carts). In addition to patient room wall-mounted IT-related appliances, Page Concepts, Inc. also provides solutions for linear accelerator control rooms, nurses’ stations, and hospital administration.

IndianHealthCare120Hospitals and clinics value space and real-time information. As hospitals strive for the very best in patient care, they must place interactive computing capability within the patient rooms. Logistics require patient rooms to be compact, keeping distances from nurses’ stations to a given patient room to a minimum.

Patients, doctors and nurses all would like to view information on a computer monitor. Ergotron products provide space-efficient solutions, both wall-mounted, and mobile. Articulating arms allow monitors to be moved about for viewing by patient as well as care-givers. Keyboards flip up to be flat against wall. For lockable security, Ergotron enclosures extend from wall only 7”, but, when open, allow keyboard to fold down and monitor to adjust.

Ergotron's charging cabinets bring device management to a whole new level!

PowerShuttle270Ergotron's newest carts offer a universal interface which charges up to 20 devices (works with laptops, netbooks and tablets)—the PowerShuttle (PS) Laptop Management Cart, which manages device software through Ethernet, and the PS Laptop Charging Cart.

PowerShuffle187Both incorporate Ergotron's patented PowerShuttle™ Technology which optimizes total charge time while safely preventing electrical circuit overload. Efficiently grouping the number of devices that are charged at one time helps ensure the devices are ready when needed.




ppt workstations on wheels


command center

Laptop Desktop Configuration

Laptop Desktop Configuration RoomA

EDP Contour Security Console

EDP Contour Security ConsoleA

Winsted Sight-Line

Winsted Sight LineA

MediaMount - Patient Room

MediaMount Fluid in Patient RoomA


Winsted Bank Security Command Center

Winsted Bank Security Command CenterA

Winsted Sight-Line Console At Tulsa Water Treatment Plant

WinstedSight LineConsoleatTulsaWaterTreatmentPlantA

Ergotron Cart SV42-3212 Installation

Ergotron Cart SV42 3212 InstallationA

Custom Built Small Server Cabinet

Custom Built Small Server CabinetA

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