EMR WOW’s – Powered Medical Computer Carts

A hospital customer presented to us a need for a lightweight nurses’ cart to accommodate an all-in-one zero client computer monitor, worksurface, drawer,  storage bin, handle, scanner mount, keyboard tray, and mouse holder.  On-board power would be required for occasional trips of 1-2 hours to other floors of the hospital. Weight was a major consideration as they had concern about the health, safety and productivity of their nurses.

A conventional, high-quality “WOW” of that configuration, such as an Ergotron powered cart SV44-1212 with a 40 Ah capacity LiFe battery will weigh well over 100 lb. But using Ergotron’s new LifeKinnex™ power system saves 22 lb. The lightweight system’s battery capacity is half that of the heavier version but is adequate for at least 4-6 hours of use in their application and it recharges quickly. The battery is locked in place magnetically and can be swapped “on the fly” with a freshly charged battery.

Ergotron uses LiFe (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries, the safest, most durable, and longest lasting of the Lithium “family” - not to be confused with Lithium Ion, which can tolerate about half the number of charge cycles. 

For this application at this hospital, we supplied a small fleet of Ergotron carts configured as follows:

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