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< Problem

Ten help desks were using the Ergotron DS100 Triple-Monitor Desk Stand, 33-323-200, but the stands occupied too much desk space and did not allow for adequate adjustment.



Integris Healthcare Network Help Desks Using the Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm, 45-241-026, Page Concepts, Inc. configured a three monitor mounting system that keeps the worksurface clear, with the monitors “hovering” above.

Integris Help Desk Photo

More importantly, the Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm allows for left-right, in-out, up-down, pivot, and tilt adjustments as well as rotation to portrait orientation. Supervisors and coworkers who wish to view a screen no longer need to invade the user’s space. The arm simply swings out, up, and over for an individual or group to easily see.

Integris Help Desk Photo


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< Problem

Integris Health required additional Metro Carts with an articulating laptop arm attached. The manufacturer does not offer an arm when a rear mounting frame is ordered.


Solution >

Page Concepts, Inc. made a small modification that allowed us to attach an Ergotron LX articulating monitor mount to the rear accessory bar. Photo shows cart before other accessories were attached.



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Ergotron products are in use throughout the Integris network. Here is the photo mockup one of two 4 monitor wall-mounted stations now installed near a scanning area, giving the staff a row of 8 computer monitors without using any valuable desk/counter-top space.

One of the hundreds of applications for the Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm,  45-245-026  is in this nurse’s station where four nurses need to share one large table, but the work surface must be free for very large documents.

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