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At Page Concepts, Inc. we design, sell, install, and maintain console furniture.

In designing this project, we worked closely with the customer to establish:

  • Overall scope of job and expectations
  • Number of operators
  • Number and size of monitors per operator
  • Sources of electric and data cables
  • Size of space
  • Understanding that 24 hour geosteering work with long shifts requires special ergonomic requirements
  • Amount and type of storage needed for personal effects
  • Understanding that aesthetics are important to workers as well as visitors
Geosteering Control Room Console Photo

I did a lot of preliminary rough sketches, experimenting with various patterns that have worked for other clients in the past. Safety, ease of ingress and egress, view to large panel wall monitors, simplicity of cabling, and adequate room and adjustability for the users were among the considerations in selecting the final layout.

54 Station Geosteering SketchUltimately, this was the layout that best met the customer’s need. The plan shows 48 workstations, but 6 more were added along the upper end.

Winsted Drawing

A total of 162 console-mounted monitors are available for geosteering and drilling control.

For this specific project, it was determined that Winsted Sight-Line was the preferred chassis and cabinetry.

We used Chief articulating monitor arms and TrippLite power bars. We custom fabricated some steel trim and corner treatment and did some other customization.

Winsted provided factory support through detailed drawings, color renderings and a careful audit of specifications to assure the final result could be achieved.

Installation Photos

Page Concepts, Inc. does the installation work as well. Two semi-trailer loads of material from Winsted and hundreds of pounds from Chief and other sources were delivered to a warehouse and then brought to the site in batches as required.

Installation Photos

Working in concert with electricians, data cablers, and IT technicians, we completed the job in less than three weeks. Winsted Sight-Line is rugged and heavy gauge to the extreme. Although straightforward, this installation involved bolting in thousands of individual pieces.

Geosteering Control Room Console Gallery

Geosteering Control Room Photo
Geosteering Control Room Photo
Geosteering Control Room Photo
Geosteering Control Room Photo
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Weyerhauser Control Room Photo
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